Booster Dracula

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Flavour: tigernuts - garlic

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Flavourtigernuts - garlic
Capacity250 ml

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Dracula, Vlad II called Palownikiem , the inspiration for the character of book and film Dracula . The most famous of the greeting that has prepared the Sultan that went to the history under the name " Forest of Lights " . Turks in their march encountered a terrifying " decoration " roadside consisting of Turkish prisoners pounded on piles and set a hedge kilometer wide and long on three. Sultan, seeing his army hungry, thirsty, exhausted and impoverished in spirit, ordered a retreat .

Garlic plays important role in Romanian cuisine, not only because of its anti-vampire properties but also as an addition to meats, salads and sauces. The Dracula bait is enriched with GARLIC and the TIGER NUTS.

Flavour: tigernuts - garlic

Concentrated, flavored liquid used for soaking baits and lures. Contains ingredients are well absorbed by the structure of boilies , pellets and grains. The concentrated liquidity causes a slow releasing clouds of fragrance , effectively luring feeding fish. It does not dissolve PVA materials.


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Booster Dracula

Booster Dracula

Flavour: tigernuts - garlic