Booster Tsarina

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Flavour: rose

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Capacity250 ml

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Tsarina Catherine the Great admired by Western philosophers for her wisdom , love of knowledge and enlightenment , called by them " Semiramis of the North" , in fact ruled with an iron hand . Authorized the nobility trade peasants and rebels were sent to Siberia , bloodily suppressed a rebellion Cossack and peasant . She participated in the Polish partitions .

Russian cuisine is famous not only for blini with caviar and sour cream, but also for ROSE and a jam made of rose petals that is served with tea from samovar. The Empress bait has this unique, characteristic rose flavour.

Flavour: rose

Concentrated, flavored liquid used for soaking baits and lures. Contains ingredients are well absorbed by the structure of boilies , pellets and grains. The concentrated liquidity causes a slow releasing clouds of fragrance , effectively luring feeding fish. It does not dissolve PVA materials.


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Booster Tsarina

Booster Tsarina

Flavour: rose